The past 14 months were very hard for all of us as suddenly the whole world was holding its breath and we all had to face the Covid-19-pandemic situation.
There are still ongoing travel restrictions all around the globe and not everyone has the chance to witness a live concert unforunately at the moment…
REDBACK PROMOTION in association with Massive Music (Official site) and ResonanzWerk
proudly presents
Vader with special guest SLAUGHTER MESSIAH (Official) world wide livestream from ResonanzWerk, Oberhausen, Germany on Sunday 08th of August 2021 – 15:00H (MESZ / UTC+2)
We are very happy to be able to host a local live show again – this time with world wide livestream !
It’s your chance to be a part of VADER’s „De Profundis XXV – Album Reedition Tour 2021“
We deliver a high quality audio and visual livestream to your house – no matter where you are on that planet ! ! !
Q: What do you need to enjoy more than 2 full hours of music?
A: Nothing but a simple paypal account – which is currently the only and most uncomplicated payment method on earth
Show us 666% support and get your ticket here:

Resonanzwerk bringt die Konzerte zu euch nach Hause.

Mit neuer Technik und viel Arbeit haben wir eine Plattform geschaffen, die hochwertige Live-Streams direkt zu euch überträgt. Wir starten am 20.03.2021 mit dem Party Stream von Schlager Sänger Ecki. Falls ihr und eure Band interesse an einem Live-Streaming Event habt sprecht und gerne an.

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