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Grima, a duo from the dark woods of Siberia. It has existed since 2014 as a studio-only project, with a pagan ethos based on the worship of the elder forest, its power and magic, where the Grima is a supreme god… a powerful spirit, who protects only those who live in a forest, and punishes everyone who does not respect nature.
ULTAR is a five-piece band from the heart of Siberia, Krasnoyarsk town, that is placed amidst the howling woods and red mountains. In genre terms, the band could be thought of as sonic alchemists who blend ingredients from black metal, post-metal, and shoegaze, with a talent for creating dramatic melodies that have emotional intensity as well as staying power. They play Lovecraftian Post-Black Metal.
Einlass: 18:45h l Beginn: 19:15h l Resonanzwerk, Annemarie-Renger-Weg 5, 46047 Oberhausen
Vorverkauf: 26€ zzgl. Geb. über
18:45 Einlass
19:15 – 19:45 Antrisch
20:10 – 20:50 Non Est Deus
21:15 – 21:55 Ultar
22:20 – 23:15 Grima
Örtlicher Veranstalter: Asgaardian Events
Tour Veranstalter: Asgaardian Events

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