Negura Bunget / ZI Anniversary Tour / Oberhausen

Sunday -
ZI Anniversary Tour / Oberhausen
Negura Bunget

Negură Bunget performs an Anniversary European Tour in 2016, with over 50 concerts spread across the continent.

With this occasion you are invited to attend a very special performance on October 16, at ResonanzWerk in Oberhausen, an event celebrating the release of our new album “ZI”, and also 20 years of existence for Negură Bunget and 10 years since the release of the “OM” album. The special playlist will reflect this anniversary, as we’ll perform band new songs along old ones, with a special focus on the “OM” album.

The new album “ZI” is being release this autumn by the German label Prophecy Productions, as the second part of the Transilvanian Trilogy Negură Bunget has ben working on. On “ZI” Negură Bunget is exploring the human element, the practices and traditions, the connection with nature and the way this connection shaped the spiritual horizon of the local inhabitants. The second phase of the trilogy is symbolized through WORD.

During its 20 years’ existence Negură Bunget released 7 albums, performed over 1000 concerts all over the world and created a personal musical and conceptual project, deeply rooted into the local elements.
On this 20 years anniversary we’ve released and we’ll continue to release a series of visual and audio materials, re-released of older albums, and anniversary merchandise. We have prepared lots of other surprises for the months ahead as well!
All such materials are available on Negură Bunget official website

The “OM” album was originally released back in 2006 by Italian label Aural Music and got an amazing response from the audience and media, shortly becoming a cult album. For its 10-year anniversary the label released some new editions of the album, both on CD and vinyl.

“TĂU” Negură Bunget’s previous album was released in the summer of 2015, and was also well received by public and media. The album was promoted in a world tour with over 100 performances in Europe and North America.

To promote the new album “ZI” Negură Bunget prepares to take things even further, aiming to perform its music in some of the places it did not reached directly until now, such as Asia, Australia and New Zealand. For this reason, we will start a crowdfunding campaign around the release of the new album, so that we can achieve these ambitious goals with the help of our dedicated listeners. All Negură Bunget concerts and tours are self-produced and self-financed.

Negură Bunget is:
Gabriel Mafa / Negru - drums / percussions / dulcimer / horns
Tibor Kati - vocals / guitars / keyboards
Adrian Neagoe / Oq - guitars / vocals / keyboards
Ovidiu Corodan - bass / vocals
Petrică Ionuțescu - traditional instruments

Special guests of Negură Bunget for the tour is Canadian Atmospheric Post Black band Ossific. We already played with Ossific back in 2015 on our North American tour.

Ossific are also releasing their record “…as roots burn” before the start of the tour. This new record documents the grind of coping through the instability of mind, body, and spirit in a time of dimming connections.

Visceral and reflective, Ossific was formed in 2011. The band set out to turn therapy into dissonant, melancholic and honest music. Bringing together dark and unnerving projections and a ritualistic live show, this band displays a sincere and emotive narrative of personal tragedy through their art.

DIY from the start and with ever-growing underground support, Ossific is not one to miss. This is their first European Tour and the first impact is sure to be memorable.

Ossific is:
Trauma - guitars / vocals / samples
Shroud - bass / projections
Norrec - drums
Silhouette - keyboards